Human Progress

By most measures, there has never been a better time in history to inhabit planet earth. Whether one looks at infant mortality rates, wealth, health, literacy rates, leisure time, access to information and education, travel, political and religious freedom or virtually any host of metrics it is clear that humanity has never had it so good. Obviously the human condition still involves a lot of negatives including war, famine, disease, violence and subjugation. The human condition is far from perfect. But, the trend is strikingly clear: human progress, despite a drumbeat of negativity (both real and imagined), is on a persistent upward arc.

This website will focus on a number of themes that underpin the steady march of human progress including continued innovation, the transition to alternative sources of energy, and the rise of Asia to name a few.

Look to to be your source for thoughtful commentary, videos, opinion pieces by us and a wide variety of third parties. We realize that many do not agree with this positive outlook for humanity. Our hope for is to provide a site that you can turn to for information, facts, civil discourse and a variety of opinions on the state of humanity.